12 June 2017

EYIF at Digital Festival in Brussels


On June 1st, Brussels hosted one of the most important digital events of the year: the Digital Festival, a one-day celebration of tech, ideas and global innovation, brought to life through talks, workshops, debates and performance.

Our Chairman, Kumardev Chatterjee had the honour to speak for the Smart Working Programme, the “Invest in Europe” panel.

The panel had influencers from private, public or associations such as Mr. Massimiliano Dragoni from the European Commission, MEP Brando Benifei from the European Parliament, Mr. Chris Sherhood from Naspers, Mr. Lenard Koschwitz from Allied for Startups, Ms. Anna Rose from from VideoPath, and Mr. Fabrizio Porrino from FacilityLive.

Europe is ripe with entrepreneurial talent and nurturing the environment in which tech businesses can be launched and grown is key for Europe’s competitiveness and prosperity. Having this in mind, the session highlighted examples of great European businesses who are scaling up, and analysed the investment climate in which they and others are operating.