20 September 2017

Four Disruptive European Startups/SMEs to Watch out for this Autumn

The European Startup scene has shown incredible creativity and capacity to generate innovations in the past few years. We identified 4 startups with a disruptive innovation that have a huge potential for growth that aims to  benefit society!

Find the list below:


1. Peat GmbH – a plant doctor app helping to identify plant disease.


indexPeat GmbH is a deep learning AgTech Startup from Germany founded in 2015. They have created Plantix, a ground breaking innovation using image processing and recognition, in order to automatize diagnosis for plant pests, diseases and nutrient deficiencies by using a mobile phone camera. Their innovation helps farmers worldwide to protect their plants which could provide secure and sustainable food production!

‘We want the app to be like a lexicon for the pocket. Something that you have with you when you are in the field and something you can use straight away to evaluate the damage to the plants,” explained Simone Strey, Peat CEO.

The app has more than +1800 of 5* votes on Google Play and more than 100,000 pictures have been already analysed by Plantix.


2. Elixir – customer data analytics made easy

Website_Logo_V8Elixir is a Belgian startup founded in 2013 and run by Carl Bouckaert, a CRM & Marketing Automation expert. He and his team have developed ElixirSync, a breakthrough Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) tool which provides API integrations that enable companies to track and optimize their customer journeys and marketing campaign with bidirectional data and process integration. It synchronizes data and provides process integration capabilities which are typically needed to marketing and commercial environments. The proposed project will not only enhance the growth of the applying company, but also unlock the potential of countless more companies, including many SMEs, by enabling them to install and operate a highly sophisticated yet very useable customer data analytics system at low cost. An animation explaining what they do can be seen here.


3. Eachtick / Virtofy – interactive VR presentations

logoVirtofy_DF_rgbEachTick, another German startup, founded in 2013 by Andre Weinhold created Virtofy, an advanced VR system that disrupts the current state-of-the-art. Virtofy is a fully interactive Virtual Reality presentation software for businesses which enables them and their customers to experience VR presentations of products or services and is designed especially for product individualisation & sales, project planning and e-learning & edutainment. This way, it empowers users to create, present, manage and share their own VR presentations (called VR Tours). They can either use 360° data (photo & video) or 3D data (e.g. CAD files).


Virtofy’s ultimate goal is to bring people together in a unique virtual reality, resulting in reduced need for actual physical presence, improved perception of product/service/training course and its competitive standout, decreased travel costs, and nonetheless increased efficiency. There is a huge potential for savings – in Germany alone, 47 Billion EUR were spent in 2012 on business travel expenses. See how it works here.


4. Ticombo – world’s first ticket platform to buy and sell tickets for live events.


TicomboAAEAAQAAAAAAAAd4AAAAJDAzODk5MzY3LTQzOWUtNGZhNi1iZjRlLTg0MzY2YzVkMmMzOQ founded in 2016 and, ran by Marius Vossbeck, a talented IT Entrepreneur, developed the world’s first ticket platform that redefines the ticketing experience for fans and organisers. It provides a complete market overview for online tickets by combining two disconnected markets (primary and secondary markets) into one single platform, giving fans access to their favourite live events, while enabling organizers to benefit from the secondary market.  This creates transparency, security and a good experience.


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Author: Dan Stanciu