01 September 2017

Busy schedule for EYIF this September: From Köln to Tel Aviv and Paris!

by Dan Stanciu

As September approaches, we are fully recharged and excited to participate in so many inspiring events. We hope you are too!

First stop will be Koln in Germany, where on the 6th and 7th of September the famous Pirate Summit begins! EYIF’s Head of Office in Brussels, Louis Papaemmanuel will be a judge at the pitch competition as well as a startup mentor, giving one-on-one sessions to startups. If you pass by, don’t miss the opportunity to say hello and talk to us. Lastly, take advantage of the discount we’ve managed to get for you: just use the code EYIFPIRATES and get 15% off!

Also on the 6th and the 7th, EYIF’s Co-Founder, Nicholas Zylberglajt, will be heading to 4 Years From Now (4YFN) in Tel Aviv. He will be giving a workshop on “EU Funding for Israeli Startups and SMEs”. The workshop is for free so if you are interested in finding out how to access the €3 billion of EU grant funds available for innovative startups and SMEs through the SME Instrument,  just register here.

Not long after, we will be arriving in Paris where our friends from Opinno and MIT Technology Review will award the 35 best European young minds shaping our future! Each year the organizers discover new generations of Innovators Under 35, the young leaders developing new technologies to solve the major global challenges of today in remarkably different ways and impacting the lives of millions of people around the globe. The event will be hosted on September the 14th at Station F, the world’s biggest startup campus! Click here for more info.

The last major event we’re excited to join will be the FT-ETNO Summit on “Digital Rulemaking in Times of Change” on September 24th. The event will gather leading policy makers, regulators, industry executives and investors from Europe and beyond to discuss and debate the speed of technological change – and how global lawmakers and industry can harness it to benefit society and the economy. Join us in the debate!

Last but not least, stay tuned, as we will soon announce the start of the second edition of EU Drone Awards! These awards were created in order to recognize the companies, innovators and entrepreneurs who are adding value in Europe and who are creating the basis for the future success of the drone economy that will bring jobs, break-ground innovation and new business models.

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