22 September 2017

Fully booked EU funding workshop at Amsterdam Capital Week

On September 25th, Louis Papaemmanuel from EYIF and Katalin Gallyas from The B. Amsterdam bootcamp will give participants a smart overview of the EU funds roadmap and help them speak the EU language and prevent unnecessary efforts and lost investments in fundraising.

At the end of the bootcamp, participants will be able to assess if EU funding is something they should try for their product development and scale. The workshop will provide information on funding schemes, next deadlines and what are your chances to win.

Tickets to the workshop are fully booked but there are other great events at Amsterdam Capital Week you can still join!

From 26th until the 30th of September Amsterdam and beyond will offer a full week program with over 25 events, focusing on connecting all types of capital with both national and international start-ups and fast-growing scale-up companies. Last year Amsterdam Capital Week hosted over 500 worldwide investors, and over 2000 startups in various maturity phases.

This years program includes, among many others:

  • Capital on Stage: VC’s pitch to companies (VC’s and later stage)
  • VeeCee Summit: discuss the latest developments in the industry (VC’s)
  • Capital Tour XXL: Explore the capital ecosystem (Early stage and angels, VC’s)
  • Club Night and ACW Awards: celebrating success and failure (for everybody)
  • Angel bootcamps, AmsterDEN: pitch Dragon’s Den style (Angels, philanthropists)
  • Mayor’s Residence lunch: VIP get-together (by invitation)


We hope to see you at Amsterdam Capital Week 2017. Let’s all make an effort to create an international capital ecosystem to open the way for promising innovation and entrepreneurship! Get your ticket here!