13 September 2017

Meeting the 35 most innovative talents under 35 in the EU!

Join Nicholas & Louis tomorrow from 5PM at Station F in Paris, the largest startup campus in the world, to get the chance to meet the 35 most innovative talents in the European Union! You will have the opportunity to listen to their pitches and ideas aimed at creating impactful projects for our society.

Innovators Under 35 is the most prestigious recognition worldwide organised by MIT Technology Review and Opinno with the main objective of lending visibility to the work of the most talented, young, technological leaders, capable of materializing ideas that will revolutionize the world of technology and business in the near future.

The nominees have been selected by the jury amongst over 1.100 applicants. Whether researchers, innovators or entrepreneurs, all of them have something in common: they are shaping their fields with revolutionary projects and ideas that will transform our daily lives through technology.

The innovators selected in the 2017 edition are developing disruptive technological projects in different fields within the following 5 categories:

  • Inventors: These innovators have invented devices and technologies that will redefine how people live and work.
  • Entrepreneurs: Projects focused on creating businesses that will upend existing markets or create new ones.
  • Visionaries: This group includes the innovators who are rethinking existing technologies to address human problems.
  • Humanitarians: By tackling problems caused by poverty, war, or disability, these innovators are improving underprivileged people’s lives.
  • Pioneers: Innovators who are defining new approaches to tackling technological challenges by pushing the boundaries of science.


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