04 September 2017

New Upcoming Workshop: European Union Funding for Israeli Startups and SMEs

On Thursday September 7th, between 12:30 – 13:30, we will have the pleasure to host our 44th workshop on EU Funding for Startups and SMEs in Tel Aviv. The event will be held at the 4YFN Lounge @ DLD Innovation Festival, one of the largest Innovation Festivals in the Middle East.

The workshop will host a very special guest, Mr. Shy Mindel, VP of Marketing at Mobius Protections Systems, the Israeli company that recently won 2.48 million Euros from the European Union, the largest project budget in Israel (3.54 million Euros). He will share his knowledge and his first hand experience about the whole application process, and most importantly, how your startup/SME can win up to 2.5 Million Euros!

At the workshop, participants will find out how to access the €3 billion of EU grant funds available for innovative startups and SMEs through the SME Instrument. Furthermore, all participants will have the opportunity to get free individual mentoring, advice and feedback on their application. Register now and get your FREE ticket right here.

Outline of the workshop:

  • Overview of EU Funding, explained in StartUp’s language;
  • The dedicated SME Instrument – Specific EU funding for entrepreneurs, StartUps and SMEs (individual grants between €50.000 to €2,5 million);
  • EU funding for Phase 1 and Phase 2 – how do they work and which one applies to you and your Startup/SME;
  • How to apply to for the SME Instrument – the whole process from proposal to grant;
  • What does a European commission appointed proposal evaluator typically look for?
  • What you need to remember when filling out the application? DOs and DONTs.

Until now, we have secured EU funding for multiple companies in more than 4 industrial sectors / domains in over 10 countries in just the last 18 months.

“We chose EU Startup Services for their expertise and impressive track record in the SME Instrument. We are delighted to say that we made the right choice. I highly recommend working with EU Startup Services, not only for their ability to write, but also for their insider knowledge and their ability to foresee and remedy structural challenges faced in our project design which ultimately made our project unbeatable”, SHY MINDEL, Co-Founder at MOBIUS PROTECTION SYSTEMS.