Started Project

The Started project aims to put in place a project-based learning approach for developing entrepreneurial skills in researchers, to foster interactions between stakeholders in R&D innovation, and to guide the transfer of innovative research projects through to becoming robust startup opportunities. This comes in the context of research innovation often remains locked within research organisations, never making their way into commercial start-ups or new business units.

The end goal is to teach researchers to be more entrepreneurial and how to fund startups. This project will enable the setting up of a European Research-to-Start-up centre supported by a shared web platform which will centralise ad hoc learning and training contents/tools/guidelines to create/help future entrepreneurs/intrapreneurs. Dedicated modules to promote interactions with R&D organisations, technical centres or business angels will be available to support participants.

The Consortium of partners is formed by some of the biggest Universities and VC funds in Europe : The National University of Ireland in Galway (the Project Coordinator), Venture Hub (Spain), Translated (Italy), Roma Tre University (Italy) and IESE (Spain).

EYIF participation adds an innovative dimension to the project by bringing know how from the private sector, and performing outreach within its own ecosystem to recruit and encourage external participants to join the co-creation efforts.

Besides implementing the IT infrastructure to recruit and attract external participants, EYIF will also add extra value by using its extensive network, contacts and scheduled events to build momentum and offer exposure for the project.