08 March 2018

Guest Post from Lisa Steigertahl former CEO of European Startup Network

The European Young Innovators Forum supports young entrepreneurs and innovators across Europe and through our blog we aim to make their voices heard and connect them to our community.

In this spirit we are happy to have a guest blog post this week from Lisa Steigertahl, the former CEO of the European Startup Network and the former Head of Research at the German Startups Association.

Lisa will share with us how EU Startup Monitor project came about and how will the survey shed light on the common challenges startups and founders face.

Short Bio: Lisa Steigertahl has a track record for academic studies in the field of entrepreneurship and as the former Head of Research at the German Startups Association and former CEO of the European Startup Network an extraordinary reach into national startup ecosystems across Europe. She has graduated from ESCP-Europe with a Master of Science in European Management and has lived, worked and studied in Berlin, Cambridge and New York. Lisa has long term experience in the consulting and governmental sectors. For the European Commission, Lisa regularly supports high level working groups and gives expert advice on entrepreneurship and in particular startups.

Main goal: The goal of the EU Startup Monitor is to identify and monitor country specific and common challenges of the startup landscape in Europe and to learn about European founders and the business they create.

Context: The project is initiated by the European Commission and part of the Start-up and Scale-up Initiative, which aims to give Europe’s innovative entrepreneurs every opportunity to build leading companies. The 46 different policy actions of this initiative are being implemented to make European policy for young enterprises that have recently started or are in the process of scaling up more effective.

Desired outcome: What we are looking for is a representative picture of the European Startup ecosystem. We are reaching out to founders and c-level employees of European startups and need a few minutes of their time to contribute to the survey. These inputs will not just be yet another research but concrete basis for future initiatives of the European Commission and also go into the annual SME performance review. It is a unique methodology that is using only data of validated and active startups, given it a very high degree of representativeness. Only if policymakers understand the concrete challenges, they can act to appropriately support founders in scaling their business within the European Union.

EYIF warmly invites all startup founders to take this survey to help better map and understand the ecosystem. Also, participants have the chance to WIN great prizes like:

More information and the link to participate in the survey can be found here bit.ly/2sFQDx6