09 March 2018

International Women’s Day may be over, but this year we’re celebrating women entrepreneurs every day!

Every year, at the European Young Innovators Forum, we select a central theme we will be focusing on such as the Industry 4.0 Year (2017) and the Growing Global Year (2016) to name the latest ones.

This year, we chose Women Leaders Year, making Women Entrepreneurship our main focus. We aim to bring more gender balance in the entrepreneurship and innovation field!

We started the year with an event on “A Transatlantic Perspective on Women Entrepreneurship: Success stories and challenges” organised by us together with the United States Mission to the European Union and MEP Angelika Mlinar. The event attracted high level speakers who joined the conversation about the main challenges women entrepreneurs face and the exchange of best practices across the Atlantic.

Access to finance was identified as one of the main impediments women entrepreneurs face and the emphasis was put on the need to change the nature of VCs and the venture capital industry which is very male oriented.

We also couldn’t miss the Women4Tech at Mobile World Congress 2018, where our President, Nicholas Zylberglajt and our Partnerships and Projects Manager Oana Bouraoui, have discussed with women leaders the best ways to empower women entrepreneurs and the actions we need to take in order to bridge the gap.

Another way we will be promoting women entrepreneurship will be to organize a roadshow on access to finance for women founders, across Europe with top VCs; the aim of the roadshow will be to encourage and drive female entrepreneurs on a Pan European level by helping to facilitate access to finance and offering an opportunity to meet with top VCs across Europe and the US.

EYIF is also currently working on other ways to support women entrepreneurship and we will soon announce more details!

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