The InnoApps Challenge, open to young European students and professionals under 36 years old, is a joint initiative of the European Young Innovators Forum and Huawei that aims to contribute to the development of a more socially inclusive society in Europe by fostering “e-skills,” increasing “e-participation” and promoting entrepreneurship for young generations in Europe today.

The 3rd round of InnoApps develops the best practices from the two preceding editions, which made the brand stand out among other European app competitions. The new edition will focus on Internet of Things, as a cross-cutting technology domain and Smart Cities as a vertical application area, to address specifically challenges regarding safe cities.

The launch event, The New EU Smart Cities Agenda: Boosting Growth through European Cooperation, took place at the European Parliament, on 22nd June in the presence of  Huawei representatives, as well as policy-makers, InnoApps 2015 Finalist – Levente Slajchó and a joint audience of young students and entrepreneurs. 

The final contest on 9 February, preceded by a one-day hackathon in Brussels, culminated in a live pitching session that saw the 12 finalists, paired up into six teams, present diverse and exciting ideas to the jury.

The first prize went to Parkio, an app project connecting drivers with parking spaces in real time. When launched, the app could become the first EU-wide parking platform ever created. The project was developed by Rob Kramer from Austria and Mihai Negrean from Romania, who believe the contest is a stepping stone enabling them to make a real difference for mobility in Europe: “Thanks to InnoApps, EYIF and Huawei, we were able to team up with the right stakeholders who will enable us to improve the parking landscape in Europe faster”, said Rob Kramer.

Andrei Toma from Romania and Jean-Benoit Henry from Belgium scooped the second prize with their app project Verdi, which consists of an endothermic, energy-efficient envelope that can adapt its thermal resistance based on weather patterns in real time.

The third prize was awarded to Sam Harris from the UK for CrowdCare. This smart health app concept aims to provide instant access to local life-saving assistance before emergency services can arrive, thereby reducing the number of fatalities. This is achieved by unleashing the power of the crowd to make available local data where and when it matters.

“It was a true pleasure to be in the panel for the Inno Apps finals! The participants were showing their apps with passion! The contributions were all very creative, solving real problems, and all apps were user-friendly. The business plans were at various stages of readiness, but all participants had done serious work on their plans and most of the finalists’ apps will probably survive to market. What also impressed me was that participants did not know each other until very shortly before the presentation and they had still been able to shape real teams, some probably starting partnerships in this new constellation. This is entrepreneurship at its best!” declared Gertrud Ingestad, Director-General for the European Commission’s IT-Department, DIGIT


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A competition that challenges young developers to design innovative mobile applications to foster social inclusion. The “InnoApps Challenge” is a joint initiative of European Young Innovators Forum (EYIF) and Huawei, that aims to contribute to the development of a more socially inclusive society in Europe. InnoApps is a four-month pan-European challenge, open to young European students and professionals to fostering “e-skills,” increasing “e-participation” and promoting entrepreneurship among young people.

More information can be found on InnoApps Website.