Innovation Roundtable 2015: the launch of Grow Global Year and European Startup Act

With every year, EYIF increased its efforts to build and support a strong and relevant European startup ecosystem and we are ready to show it to you on this important day. Last year, we launched the Disrupt Europe Year. Now it’s time to show the results, to move forward and Grow Global, helping European Startups to scale up on their way to worldwide success.

This Year, the Global Entrepreneurship Week will take place on 17th of November at the European Parliament from 6.30 pm and EYIF will have a central role in it. The aim of The Global Entrepreneurship Week is to inspire people to unleash their ideas and take the next step in their entrepreneurial journey. That’s EYIF’s main purpose too.

On 2016, EYIF will focus on how European Startups can expand beyond Europe and how Europe can attract the best startups, talent and investment from across the globe. Our mission is to help European entrepreneurs to realise their potential and to scale within Europe and globally.

An example of this commitment is our recently launched policy act: The European Startup Act 2020, that provides you our vision for a comprehensive European startup ecosystem by 2020: 250000 new startup jobs per year; 10 000 new startups per year; 2 000 new seed stage funded startups per year; and 9.5% of total European GDP being generated by startup activity.

The European Startup Act has already been presented at various high profile events such as Expo Milano, ICT 2015 in Lisbon, at the Council of EU, the State of Europe high-level roundtable and others. Now we are glad to announce that it will be also presented during the Global Entrepreneurship Week.

The confirmed keynote speakers for the event are:

  • Adina Valean, Vice-President of the European Parliament;
  • Kumardev Chatterjee, President of EYIF;
  • Elżbieta Bieńkowska, European Commissioner for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship & SMEs;
  • Nicholas Zylberglajt, Vice-President of EYIF;
  • Kaja Kallas, MEP rapporteur for the Industry Committee;
  • Roza Thun, Chairwoman of the Digital Agenda Working Group of the IMCO Committee;
  • Isidro Laso Ballesteros, Head of Sector, Startup Europe, European Commission.


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In partnership with various institutional and strategic partners and hosted at the European Parliament, the EYIF Innovation Roundtables and Conferences are half-day events which take place up to three times a year before an audience of 150+ participants. At least one takes place at the European Parliament during Global Entrepreneurship Week.