European Young Innovators Forum is proud to have a wide network of outstanding innovation hubs and events throughout Europe. Together we are building a more innovative Europe keen of youth entrepreneurship and a connected European innovation ecosystem. Learn more about our partners below.

hub:raum, Berlin

hubraumhub:raum, the incubator of Deutsche Telekom, invests in early stage startups backs them with co-working-space, mentoring and helps them to find the right business partners within Deutsche Telekom. hub:raum has activities in Berlin, Krakow and Tel-Aviv.

Cypriot Enterprise Link, Cyprus

cypriot logo The Cypriot Enterprise Link (CEL) is a youth-led organization aimed to connect and support the Cypriot entrepreneurial talent in order to form a local and a global entrepreneurial network supported by events, meetups, workshops and projects.


AKEP, Athens

 Metavallonmetavallon_logo_orange is a Greek non-profit organization that provides early stage entrepreneurs with a supportive structure to develop, launch, and solidify their ventures. Through its proprietary three-tier program, the Startup Series (The Lab, The Accelerator, The Hub), Metavallon seeks to motivate talented Greeks, educate them on key principles of entrepreneurship, expose them to experienced entrepreneurs, experts and investors, and provide them with the necessary resources to start their own businesses.

CeBIT scale11

CEBIT offers with more than 220,000 trade visitors, one out of every three attendees is a top manager, a perfect platform for business contacts; not only for established companies, but also for young and innovative newcomers. scale11 is the international platform for startups to scale up their business and is the place to ignore traditions and standards and share experiences, disruptive ideas and challenges of a startup career.


ClujHUB, Romania


ClujHUB came to life out of the ambition of a young antrepreneur named Cristian Dascălu and the desire of a handful of people to build one of the most innovative and complete coworking space in Transylvania. The coworking concept is  a working method that brings together innovative and creative people in an ergonomic space with events connected to their areas of interest.


Wolves Summit

Wolves Summit is a conference in for startups, investors, and entrepreneurs from around the world, held every year in Warsaw, Poland. It is a gathering place for the enthusiasts of latest technologies and innovative solutions. The main objective of Wolves Summit is networking and communication, as well as the creation of growth opportunities for small and medium companies through active involvement of investors and entrepreneurs.


Tech Tour is a Community of high-quality network of top-ranking strategic partners that brings together investors, entrepreneurs and thought leaders onto one collaborative platform to share the connections, inspiration and strategies needed to foster world-class innovation. In the last 3 years they brought together at our events 9,000+ unique participants including: 3700+ entrepreneurs, more 2300+ investors and corporates, and many others!