José Egea

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Audiovisual Director for the UnConvention

José is a citizen of the world born in Murcia, southeast Spain, and fascinated with his profession: telling stories. He joined EYIF´s initiatives because being an entrepreneur is on his genes, and finds is the perfect place where to develop new ideas which may help and inspire others. José studied Audiovisual Technology and graduated from an HND in the University of Salford in Manchester and, after serving in the Spanish Navy as a drill and training corporal (where he found that shouting was not among his skills), started working on his passion: music. For over three years worked along and/or produced a wide variety of music: from modern Spanish singers to Gregorian chant. After this, that his life took a turn towards working on film and TV post-production. Tecnison has been his house for 12 years and has moved from being assistant mixer, to mixing engineer to technical director. During this time, Tecnison passed from being among the top 6 studios in Spain, to become the market leader on film post-production and foreign dubbing with more than 400 titles, Spanish and international. This initiated his own company, named Horizon Media, and the entrepreneurial spirit with a project that would integrate technology and creativity, focused on the convergence of platforms.