Olivia Strzelczyk


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Senior Events and Communications Coordinator

Olivia was born in Brussels with Polish backgrounds and she studied Modern Languages/Translation at the Leeds Metropolitan University in Great Britain. She previously worked as EU Events & Projects Coordinator for 5 years for the ALDE Party, an exciting job which allowed her to travel throughout Europe and work on fascinating projects and events. Being multilingual, she feels at home wherever she goes and it’s also natural for her to interact with people from all over Europe.

After successfully completing a course in digital communication and marketing as part of her career move, Olivia moved to Berlin where she had the exciting opportunity to join the growing European tech hub. Today, her expertise in digital communication/marketing and events/projects management has led her to become a creative digital freelancer between Brussels and Berlin. Olivia is Senior Events and Communications Coordinator, leading the organisation of the annual Unconvention event taking place on 23-25th January 2017 in Brussels.