StartUp Europe Roadshow Success Stories

Here you can read amazing success stories told by StartUp Europe Roadshow role-models! They have created exceptional startups and shared how they made it! Start reading and discover some of the most outstanding and inspiring stories about  youth entrepreneurship!

London role-models

Alice TylerOpen Utilityalice

Open Utility is transforming the electricity industry with their peer-to-peer platform for buying and selling electricity. Their web-based service connects renewable power producers directly to the people who want to buy from them. Read more here.


Calypso HarlandDevLabcalypso

“Before DevLab got off the ground, I advised AngelHack on their marketing strategy for their global series of hackathons taking place in 30 cities around the world from April to June 2013.” Read more here.

Budapest role-models

Dávid Kruzslicz, Szeretlek Magyarország178.48.105.24david_02

“The idea was a Facebook page, where I can show the value and beauties of Hungary. First time it was just a hobby. But so many people connect this page and that getting bigger and bigger, so I think, we should make a webpage too.” Read more here.

Somogyi Tibor, EasyMaths08ea784 

“I was a student in the Uni when I met my actual business partner in easyMaths. More than half of the students needed extra help from private teachers, me as well, as no one was attending the official lectures. “Read more here.


Lisbon role-models

Rita Petrilli, Sellfrita

Appointments in one hand. Remarks by another. Calling from another. I noticed that I was losing things on the street. The founder passed through all the smartphone with his professional life through the apps but it was scattered among many different ones, unable to talk to each other. The idea of Sellf was born that way… Read more here

Lucy Stonehill, BridgeUlucy

Hopefully two (possibly related) things will happen—both of which are long overdue! Women will actually start to receive equal compensation to men for equal work performed.And, I think more and more women will enter technology entrepreneurship as there’s so much opportunity in this space and  the low numbers of participating women imply that this is still a secret. Read more here.


Gaspar D’Orey, Zercattogaspar

“Zercatto wanted to enable investors to maximise returns on their own portfolios by giving them access to some of the most successful trading strategies –basically the five per cent that make money.” Want to learn more? Read full Gaspar’s story here.

Aurora Chisté, Hack for Big Choicesaurora

We hope to promote the culture of innovation to ignite the global community of doers to make big choices and tackle real problems in their communities. My first BIG step was to build a platform designated to perpetuate change. Read Aurora’s full story here.


Vasco Pedro, Unbabelunbabel

“Typically the industry works in a way that the human does 100% of the  work. We use artificial intelligence to do 95% of the work, and then the human does the remaining 5% of the work. And since the human does 5% of the work,  the costs go down significantly.” Read this entrepreneurial confession here.


Bucharest role-models

Alexandra Roata, SoftleadAlexandra

“‘In a world we consider so free, with no limitations, there are some rules that one entrepreneur should take into consideration: connections, strategy, objectives, patience  are very important, but the most important part is to have a MVP. Testing and taking feedback from the direct consumers is also extremely important.’ Read more here.

Radu Stanescu, SandlineStanescu

”Working in IT Security field, I encoutered a lot of vulnerabilities and lack of training in INFOSEC field, so a new opportunity was formed.” Find out more about this amazing success story here

Cristian Tabacitu, UpDivision3965139

”Just do it. Do it now. You’re afraid; you don’t think you’re ready. Doesn’t matter, you’ll learn. Make a new step towards you goal every day.’Learn more about his startup success story here

Madrid role-models

Sergio Lopez, Hiberus Sergio

Segio says that becoming an entrepreneur is a mater of an impulse. His company is today expanding to the Latin American market. Read more about his experience here


Athens role-models

Eleftheria Zourou, doctoranytime.grelefteria


Elefteria wanted to book an appointment at doctor’s online and she needed some info about how trustworthy he would be. Nothing like that existed in Greece at the time. She decided to build a startup. Learn more here.  

Georgios Karamanolis, Crowdpolicygeorg

Read more about this amazing startup aiming at process and product optimization.  Find out more about Georgios’ startup beginnings here

Olga Stavropoulou, Militos Emerging Technologies and Services Olga

“Good timing as we say, as we all felt strong and excited with the idea of starting something of our own; rather than trying to follow the vision of somebody else, that did not necessary suited us. ” Read more of Olga’s success story here


Olomouc role-models

Pavel Cenek, Optimsys

Pavel Cenek - foto

Pavel founded a company that deals with voice communication. Read about his experience here.


Zuzana Součková

Souckova - foto

Zuzana decided to leave her job and become a freelancer. This amazing woman tells us about her business and the new beginnings. Read more here.

Berlin role-models

Fabian HeilemannSky & Sand GmbHFabian (links) und Ferry (rechts) Heilemann

 Fabian founded DailyDeal with his brother. Two of them are rocking together and even started investing in other startups themselves. Read here about Fabian’s startup beginnings.


Julia Bosch, Outfittery

Julia-BöschJulia was on a trip in New York. Her male friend wanted to hire a personal shopper so he would have more leisure time. And the Outfittery was born. Read more about her experience here


Paris role-models

Frédéric Mazzella, BlaBlaCar

frederic MazzellaFrédéric came up with a fantastic startup idea when he could not find a way to get home for Christmas. And the rising startup star was born. Read his success story here.

Alexandre Malsch, meltygroup

Alexandre was at the college trying to find info about cinema, music and video games on one place. There was none. So he decided to create it.  Read here more.Alexandre-Malsch 

Poznan role-models



Łukasz’s friend and co-founder did not have time to exchange money ahead of his honey moon. That’s how his startup hit off! Today they have 1.5 billion euro turn over. Sounds good? Learn more here.

Piotr  MiklosikMindseater Piotr_Miklosik

Mindseater is a fantastic enterprise allowing various IT companies to cooperate and design their projects. Want to know about its beginnings? Find out more here.