Unconvention 2015: 

1 -3 July | BNP Paribas Fortis Chancellery Auditorium | Co.Station | Committee of the Regions 

We are excited to present you with 4th edition of the European Young Innovators Unconvention taking place on 1-3 July. It all started 4 years ago with one objective – organize, not only an event but also an experience of something different in Brussels. 

We wanted to do something Un-Conventional in a city where many people think it’s all about men and women in grey suits. So we decided to hold the Unconvention, a tech, business and policy event all in one, bringing together our entire community online and offline to think, do and change the way we understand innovation, entrepreneurship and young people in Europe.

Last year we talked about embracing failure and celebrating success and the realities and implications of starting up a digital company or product. Now it’s time to take the next step and talk about growth hacking and scaling up.

Leading from the front in the European startup ecosystem is what EYIF has done in its campaign #DisruptEuropeYear, for which the Youthyouthinnovationweek Innovation Week is the flagship event. From 26th – 30th June, Europe will witness 5 events in 5 European cities over the course of 5 days, focusing on developments and trends in youth innovation relevant to the local ecosystems. With these activities, we will draw attention to what is needed on both a local and European level to encourage the development of European startups and foster growth and youth innovation. Beginning in Warsaw and visiting Cluj, Nicosia and Barcelona before finishing in London, we will set the stage for the annual gathering of startups and innovators in Brussels — Unconvention 2015 (1st – 3rd July) — which, this year focuses on “Game Changers: Growth Hacking and Scaling-Up”.



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The Unconvention is a unique yearly event that brings together young Europeans with innovative ideas and role-models who inspire, guide and support them: world leading innovators and entrepreneurs, investors, business and corporate personalities, academic and industrial experts, opinion leaders, and, policy and decision makers, to immerse into Innovation Inspiration, Policy and Practice. The Unconvention features motivational keynotes by inspirational, successful, international speakers, panel discussions and interactive sessions, organised workshops, mini-events and networking sessions, and opportunities to interact up close with leaders of innovation and entrepreneurship from both Europe and the USA.