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2014 – The Year of Innovation

Europe’s future lies with dynamic and entrepreneurial young people who are prepared to take steps to secure their own prosperity and that of future generations, in an environment that supports, encourages and rewards risk taking.

2014 will be a watershed year, and for good reasons. The newly “pro-innovation” Europe is launching an extensive pan-European awareness and engagement campaign to promote entrepreneurship. EYIF will be an integral partner of this initiative, with its large community of young innovators across Europe.

Furthermore, the new EU Innovation programme Horizon 2020, with 80 billion EUR in funding over the next 7 years, will serve to bolster a more entrepreneurial Europe. This momentum for change needs to be sustained by young people exercising leadership through the European elections in May: it’s our opportunity to make our voice heard for greater entrepreneurship, innovation and risk-taking in Europe.

EYIF will be conducting multiple activities and events across Europe where we will engage with more than 1200 young entrepreneurs and innovators, and mentor over 600 of them. For this, we will partner with the European Commission, European Parliament, US Department of State and strategic corporate partners to drive change through youth empowerment. The ICT Roadshow, the InnoTour USA, the Innovation Convention, the European Youth Event, the InnoApps competition, events at our Regional Innovation Hubs, and of course the 3rd annual Young Innovators Unconvention, will be EYIF’s cornerstone activities for 2014.

Best wishes from the EYIF team for a successful 2014 full of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship! It’s time for less talk and more action –it’s time for #InnoYear Europe. Join us!