InnoApps Competition 2014 – 2015

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InnoApps, a joint initiative of  EYIF and Huawei, is a four-month pan-European challenge, open to young European students and professionals to fostering e-skills, increasing e-participation and promoting entrepreneurship among young people.

For 2014-2015, the competition will team up young people from Europe and China to jointly create innovative mobile apps for smart cities of the future. Experts and business mentors will be available to assist and support applicants in creating EU-China teams of two, as well as to provide technical support and advice throughout the competition.

Winning teams of InnoApps

The first prize was awarded to Dawid Cieślak from Warsaw in Poland and Li Yanzhong from Guangzhou in China, who jointly developed COCOFFEE, an that will facilitate communication between participants at an event by connecting with their LinkedIn accounts.

The second prize went to Irman Abdic for his app Birdly, which will allow users to identify a bird by its song. In his speech, Irman mentioned how the coding training provided by Pinch was truly valuable and what an honor he had working with such professionals.

Li Jiancheng from Beijing in China and Andrei-Tudor Diaconu from Romania came third. They presented AudioCity, an app project aimed at allowing museums to make their audio guides available in one single app.

The winners of the first prize received €20 000. The teams ranked second and third are awarded €10 000 and €5 000 respectively.