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TECY (Technology, Education, Culture & Youth) ‘Learning by Creating‘ will set the scene with fresh views on new technologies and ‘outside the classroom education’ from leading-edge technology companies, publishers, employers and NGOs, and will be followed by the InnoApps Huawei App Developer Challenge Final, where the best of talented young European developers creating social inclusion apps will be showcased, pitching live in front of a star jury of leading experts. The winners will receive funding and commercial support to make their apps market ready and also embark on an Innotour China for an experience of new markets and innovation cultures. The InnoApps Challenge features a Female Developer Prize to particularly encourage young women to take-up technology.

The panel discussion “Social Media, Networks & Search Engines” is comprised of:

  • Linda GRIFFIN from Facebook
  • David DEISSNER from Vodafone
  • Martin SAMAL from Seznam
  • Mr KOPERDAK as a moderator.

The second discussion, “Interactive Applications” includes:

  • Victoria EVA from Pearson
  • Willem-Jan RENGER from Dutch Game Garden
  • Katrjin FAKET from Adobe
  • Patrice CHAZERAND from Digitial Europe as moderator.

The final panel, “Employers, Experts & Enterprises” is composed of:

  • Tony GRAZIANO of Huawei
  • Afke SCHAART of Microsoft Europe
  • Perre TORRENT of GSMA
  • Alexa JOYCE of European School Net as a moderator.

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A competition that challenges young developers to design innovative mobile applications to foster social inclusion. The “InnoApps, Huawei Apps Developers European Challenge, Powered by Microsoft” is a joint initiative of European Young Innovators Forum (EYIF), Huawei and Microsoft, that aims to contribute to the development of a more socially inclusive society in Europe. InnoApps is a four-month pan-European challenge, open to young European students and professionals to fostering “e-skills,” increasing “e-participation” and promoting entrepreneurship among young people.