Grow Global

In 2016 EYIF will be focusing on what is needed for European startups to scale globally,

Grow Global

Grow Global Year will feature events where young Europeans with innovative ideas from major European innovation hubs and those who can support them: successful entrepreneurs, investors, academics, experts, opinion leaders, top policy makers and corporate executives, will come together to explore political and social environments for global entrepreneurship in the EU.


The focus of 2016 will be on how European Startups can expand beyond Europe and how Europe can attract the best startups, talent and investment from across the globe. The year will be crowned by EYIF’s flagship annual Unconvention 2016 and the Youth Innovation Week in June with events at major European startups hotspots like Paris, London, Berlin, Stockholm or Barcelona and emerging ones such as Tallinn, Warsaw and Lisbon.

European Startup Act 2020

European Startup Act 2020 is a detailed policy proposal aiming to help build a framework in which European entrepreneurship and innovation can realise its full potential. The document proposes amendments enabling European startups to scale both within the EU and globally. The Act will be the framework for EYIF’s negotiations with the EU institutions and national governments to create a Europe for entrepreneurs.