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The 1st EU Drone Awards were held at the European Parliament on 24 January 2017 as part of Unconvention 2017.

These awards celebrate companies, innovators and entrepreneurs who are creating value in Europe and pave the way for the future success of the drone economy in Europe, boosting jobs, innovation and new business models. Dominique Riquet, French MEP and Vice-President of the Transports Committee of the European Parliament was the host of the ceremony.

Finalists of EU Drone Awards

Category: “Best Drone Manufacturer”

  • Starship Technologies: Estonian company who built the first autonomous delivery robots that allow the user to choose when their package should be delivered, preventing missed deliveries.
  • Flyedo: Czech company whose drones are able to flight up to 70 min with lifting different payloads and in addition the drones contain rescue parachute system to ensure the safety.
  • Microdrones: German company building robust and performant drones and offering flying platform for applications such as Mapping, Public Safety & Security, Civil Protection, etc.

Category: Best “Drone-Based Solution”  

  • Inkonova AB: Drone solutions for underground operations mitigating sensory and inspection capacity.
  • Clear Flight Solutions B.V: is preventing the collisions between airplanes and birds, preventing environmental damage and death of birds in oil&gas industry as well as the crop loss in agriculture because of the birds.
  • Airbus Defence and Space in partnership with CATEC (research centre) and University of Seville: are solving indoor positioning and localization system as well as autonomous navigation of drones in cooperation with human worker.

Category: Best “Emerging Drone Company”:

  • Unifly UTM: capable to register, identify and monitor drones in the UTM airspace giving accurate instructions to drone pilots and operators of where they are allowed to fly.
  • Skysense: gives enterprise customers advantage to have always up-to-date information layer with autonomous drone inspection improving the operational safety, reliability and affordability.
  • Flyability: offering drones which are able to fly in confined spaces and also in contact with people, solving the collisions due to its’ surrounded cage with decoupled inner frame using a gimbal mechanism.