InnoPitch Award 2012 – Interview with Tamas Haidegger, Hand-in-Scan

InnoPitch Award 2012 – Interview with Tamas Haidegger, Hand-in-Scan

Jun 15, 2012

Two weeks before the grand presentation at the Young Innovators Unconvention’ Town Hall Session we asked InnoPitch Awards 2012 six finalists to briefly anwer four questions in order to present themselfs to the world.
Here we catch up with Dr. Tamas Haidegger (TH) and the innovation Hand-in-Scan:
European Young Innovators Forum (EYIF) – How did you hear about EYIF and the InnoPitch Awards 2012?
THI first learnt about the EYIF initiatives a good year ago, flicking through some newsletters, and since then I have been following their great activities. I was particularly interested in the InnotourUSA program, which was widely advertised. Then I decided, I’ll take the next opportunity to better get to know this community.
EYIF – What are your expectations from participating at the InnoPitch Award 2012?
THPrimarily, I want to meet people. Young innovators, mature business people and policy makers. I appreciate a lot the entrepreneurial spirit in the air in Brussels these days.
EYIF – Why will you win? (What is your strong card)
THWe have a solution to a severe medical problem that does effect every one of us and our beloved. Hospital Acquired Infections are real, and the single most effective tool we have against them is applying proper hand hygiene. With our innovative device, we can teach the correct technique and then control and maintain the compliance until hand washing really becomes a second nature. We will save over 50,000 lives a year in Europe, and €2 billion unnecessary treatment cost. I have the excellent team behind me for technical and business development, and we acquired major clinical partners – along with WHO – to drive our venture to success: eliminating infections.
EYIF – Who are you going to thank if you win?
TH – I would thank all of the people who believed in this project, from the very early days: the Team, our mentors, physicians and patients. They showed me how important it is to deal with these infections. They reminded me often that as an engineer, I have the responsibility to use my skills and knowledge to create. Create solutions to existing problems, to the dire needs of people. That is my true motivation, and I am grateful to my fellows who helped me recognizing it.
Have a look at Dr. Tamas Haidegger’s video application to learn more about Hand-in-Scan:
[vimeo 42983357 w=500 h=375]
EYIF from Hand-in-Scan on Vimeo.
We are looking forward to meeting all the InnoPitch Awards 2012′ Finalists in Brussels!
Come to personally meet the finalists and many other inspiring personalities by joining us at the UNconvention.

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