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united through innovation eyif webinar
United through Innovation – our engagement with the European Tech ecosystem

On Thursday, 4th of June 2020, the European Young Innovators Forum hosted another webinar aimed at supporting the European innovation Ecosystem deal with the effects

wer milan
WER2020, kicks off in Milan, Italy

Firmly settling into the new year and decade, the Women in Entrepreneurship project arrived at its first stop of the WER2020 roadshow, in Milan on the 23rd January. Held

EYIF at the heart of Startup Europe – 2019 round up of our EU projects

As a leading youth NGO, the European Young Innovators Forum (EYIF) is committed to strengthening the European startup ecosystem, through the creation, as well as

Meet Matthias Ummenhofer, InnoPitch – European Young Innovator Award Judge.

Matthias UMMENHOFER is the chair of the Judges Panel at  European Young Innovator of the Year 2012 awards, on the 26th and 27th of June,

Innovation yes, copycats no

The most common statement we hear nowadays is that all we need to set up a business is talent and, of course, a good idea.

Meet Neelie Kroes, Keynote speaker at the Y.I. UNconvention Plenary and Closing Session

Neelie Kroes is the Keynote speaker at the Young Innovators UNconvention “Plenary and Closing” (from 5pm – 6pm) session on the 26th June. At this

Why companies might be reluctant to innovate

We all may dream about a fun and flexible working environment as the one created by Google. But why is it that Google remains up

Why the US is not like winter and the EU is not like spring…

…well, first and foremost because in the US there is this unmatched tendency of things to grow and develop, especially when we talk about business

Innovation, innovation, innovation…do we actually know what it means?

Innovation is the buzz word of our century, it’s on the lips of every businessman, entrepreneur, policy maker and government official, the headline of news

One step closer to reducing the Innovation Gap

Have you been following our EYIF Facebook page lately? It all started with a few garages and some years: from 1901, to 1940, or even

Welcome to the Young Innovators’ Blog

As of today the Young Innovators enter the blogosphere ! We are a team of young individuals looking to engage with all those of you

Innotour USA – Announcement of the Delegation!

Dear Young Innovators, The first edition of Innotour USA revealed extraordinary young innovators and the huge potential that Europe has. We are grateful for that. We