Feb 6, 2020

On the 3rd – 8th May, EYIF will be co-hosting, alongside Openlabs-TLV, a short but intense startup bootcamp, designed for aspiring and established international women entrepreneurs, in Tel Aviv.

The exclusive five day bootcamp, will play host to some of Israel’s top mentors and experts who will help our selected pool of participants to develop their own project and or business idea from scratch, and learn the skills needed to develop their own unique, entrepreneurial, mindset. The bootcamp will also act as a networking hub, for mentors, experts, and entrepreneurs alike to mingle and spark collaborations to help them thrive in one of the top global startup ecosystems.

“Since 2012, we have trained, supported and boosted the Israeli and international entrepreneurs to take advantage of the best practices from the Israeli ecosystem, aka the Startup Nation. At the place where born the 3 monotheistic religions and gathered 90+ international communities to create a unique innovative country, it is a great mission to empower now the European female entrepreneurs to make the world a better place.” – Yossi Dan, CEO at OpenLabs TLV (A Challengy spin-off)

Currently, ranked second for Cybersecurity, and third for Artificial Intelligence (AI), according to the Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2019, by Startup Genome. Tel Aviv, boasts at having the highest number of startups per capita, second only to Silicon Valley, and is home to over 73 Research and Development centres from tech giants such as Google, who in March, 2018 set up its first AI and machine learning startup accelerator outside of the United States.

Our very intensive bootcamp program, will not only give participants a chance to soak up the general atmosphere of this exciting ecosystem but also includes a carefully curated curricula, spread out over the five days for a whopping,total of 60 hours (approximately one university semester). The fast paced and insightful five days, which will provide our attendees with a great immersive study experience abroad, which can make a real difference to thier project and propel their startup career to the next stage of development.

“Since beginning in 2019, the Women in Entrepreneurship project has been committed to supporting women founders across Europe, to unleash their full potential. As part of the project’s transition from short term to long term, this week long intensive bootcamp, in Tel Aviv, sets about assisting those entrepreneurs just starting out, to help them to build their foundation and fulfil their ambition. Working toward the centralised goal, of creating a more inclusive and diverse global ecosystem, for all.” – EYIF President, Nicholas Zylberglajt

To find out more about the bootcamp, including how to apply visit our landing page.

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