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EYIF has launched the “Women in Entrepreneurship – Access to finance European Roadshow”, a project developed to raise awareness to the gender gap in entrepreneurship.

Europe has the lowest female involvement in early-stage entrepreneurial activity in the world and the lowest gender parity, with only 30%  of the all start-up founders in Europe being  females and only 2% of world VC funding from the past 15 years secured by women.

The focus of the project will therefore be on the most crucial hurdle women entrepreneurs face – access to finance.

Objectives of the project

Connect 300 high-potential women founders with leading VCs.

The founders will meet regional and local VCs in order to build their capacity to raise investment capital through exchanges and mentoring activities;

Influence policy through recommendations based on research.

Recommendations will be based on a detailed report on barriers in the funding process. We aim at identifying main challenges both women entrepreneurs and VCs face.

Raise awareness on issues faced by women when raising VC funding.

Based on the findings we will disseminate and inform the wider community on the top 3 identified challenges faced by women entrepreneurs overall.

So far, the Roadshow stopped in Madrid, Lisbon, Brussels, Sofia, Bucharest, Copenhagen, Budapest and the last stop for 2019 is scheduled for 5th and 6th of December in BerlinIn 2020, there will be three more events, taking place in Warsaw, Milan, and Paris, followed by the WER Summit, in May 2020.